Lecturer Frank Fuller Has Two Articles Published

Frank Fuller, PhD, Adjunct Lecturer of Criminal Justice, has co-authored “Vietnam’s Invasion of Cambodia: Humanitarianism or Unwanted Occupation”, published in the Fall 2014 issue of the Lincoln Humanities Journal (Lincoln University Press) and has authored a review of the book Police Culture: Adapting to the Strains of the Job, by E. A. Paoline and W. Terrill, published in the Dec. 2014 issue of the Criminal Justice Review (SAGE Publications).  The Vietnam article observes the conflict surrounding the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia, the immediate halt to the massacre committed by the Khmer Rouge and legal questions centered on whether the Vietnamese invasion was justified in its actions or simply a way for Vietnam to justify spreading its own form of Communism outward.  The book review examines the importance of defining police culture as outlined in Paoline and Terrill’s book, the evolution of police culture over the years and new challenges ahead facing police culture within a statistically accurate, scientific approach to policing.  Fuller notes how the authors apply a deep analysis of police departments, unparalleled in scope and methodology among their peers in this particular area, breaking new ground in the study of policing.


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