Professor Stacy McDonald, Professor Kimberly Dasch-Yee, and Professor Jenai Grigg Raise Awareness to Involuntary Pregnancy Loss

Stacy McDonald, Ph.D., Kimberly Dasch-Yee, Ph.D., and Jenai Grigg, Ph.D. from the School of Arts and Sciences, are working on a project regarding Involuntary Pregnancy Loss. They have created a blog entitled the IPL Collaborative. It is a safe place for discussing and learning about miscarriage and other involuntary pregnancy loss. Their hope is that through sharing individual stories of loss, as well as the academic literature in this area, they can raise awareness of the frequency of miscarriage and lift the shroud of secrecy surrounding it.

They are currently recruiting women for the online survey to share their pregnancy loss experiences. The purpose of this research study is to understand the coping strategies women and their partners utilize in dealing with involuntary pregnancy loss (IPL) and the impact IPL has on their relationship. Anyone who is interested in participating in this survey can find a link on the blog Participation in this survey should last no longer than 30 minutes.


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