Professor Jan W. Buzydlowski Publishes Articles

Jan W. Buzydlowski, PhD, Assistant Professor in the School of Business Administration/Extended Learning, has recently published two articles in scholarly journals, the second article was co-authored with a colleague, Dr. Donald Goeltz. The articles are “Co-occurrence Analysis as a Framework for Data Mining,” to appear in the Journal of Technology Research and “The Patent Citation Approach to Measuring Technology Overlap,” to appear in the 2015 Proceedings of the Northeastern Association of Business, Economics and Technology Conference (NABET).

Dr. Buzydlowski, along with colleagues at Villanova University and Drexel University, also had three presentations published in conference proceedings as a result of his NSF grant to explore the use of ontologies within computer science to aid in information retrieval. The titles of those papers are “An Analysis of an Experimental Interface for a Classification Term Suggestion System,” “Visual Explorative Interfaces for the ACM Digital Library,” and “Multiple Views of the ACM Classification System.” These proceedings are published in 2013 Proceedings of American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2013 Proceedings of The IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, and 2012 Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, respectively.


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