Professor Daniel Mankowski’s Doctoral Dissertation to be Published on Scholars’ Library

Daniel C. Mankowski Ed.D,. Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre, will have his doctoral dissertation, “PERFORMING SHAKESPEARE: FUN AND GAMES OR PURPOSEFUL EMANCIPATORY, AND EMPOWERING PEDAGOGY?” electronically published and made available in the “Scholars’ Library” on the Maxine Greene Center’s web site – “The Maxine Greene Center for Aesthetic Education and Social Change” This site catalogs scholarly work written about Professor Emerita Greene.

Dr. Mankowski’s study incorporated the theories of Bernard Beckerman and Maxine Greene as an interrogation of performance activities. This case study of a public high school investigated whether the performance of Shakespeare in the classroom is a superficial indulgence or a purposeful, emancipatory, and empowering activity. The participants included theatre artists, university professors, high school teachers, and students. The methodology included interviews, a questionnaire, a focus group, and classroom observations.

Maxine Greene was a professor of philosophy and education and the William F. Russell Professor in the Foundations of Education (Emerita) at Teachers College, Columbia University. She still teaches there and directs the Center for Social Imagination, the Arts, and Education. She also serves as “philosopher–in-residence” at the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education. She is past president of the American Educational Research Association, the American Educational Studies Association, and the Philosophy of Education Society.


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