Professor Arthur Grugan Research on Romanticism to be Published

Arthur Grugan PhD, Professor of Philosophy, will have his paper titled Romanticism: Its German Origin, Its German Art, published in The Ukrainian Quarterly.

The paper examines romanticism as it originated in Jena, around 1798-99, in the literary circle of young rebellious intellectuals led by the brothers Schlegel. The word itself derives from the word–“roman”–which is the German word for novel. In rejecting the formal principles of classicism, romanticism saw nature in an essentially singular way. Dr. Grugan argues that the German poet Hölderlin laid the foundations for a romantic view of nature, and that romanticism rejects the extreme rationalism of Cartesianism and of the Enlightenment.

He states that romanticism drew profound inspiration from the Middle Ages and from Gothic art and Gothic architecture, rather than from classical Greece or Rome. This paper offers an extensive study of the work of Carl David Friedrich, focusing in particular on three of his masterpieces. Some of the research for this scholarship was done while Dr. Grugan was in Germany.


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